Bike Locks

New U-Lock

I’ve got a new bike lock. I upgraded from a combination cable lock to a U-lock with a key. It’s an OnGuard Bulldog¬†and it is charged with the defense of the realm (the realm being my bicycle).

I derive an inordinate amount of pleasure from figuring out how to mount equipment on bikes. In this case, I’ve “holstered” the lock between the seat tube and the rear rack. It sits flush with the outermost tubing of the rack and inside the plane of the crank. It’s out of the way while pedaling but easy to access when needed.

I am uncertain how sturdy the plastic mounting clip will prove to be in the long run, but it’s a clever three-piece design that permits installation in nearly any orientation. The lock snaps into place with a reassuringly positive click, but releases smoothly when the yellow tab is pressed.

locksnipThe purchase of this lock was prompted by the mutinous dereliction of duty exhibited by its predecessor. After years of faithful service, one morning it refused to release my steed as ordered. (Actually, I suspect I must have accidentally reset the combination while fumbling with it in the dark the night before.) Having no choice but to dance with the dark side in order to free my own ride, I cut the lock.

It was alarmingly easy. I consider locks of any sort a deterrent to opportunistic theft only, but even so I decided a beefier lock was a worthwhile investment. A cable lock can be cut quickly with a pair of snips that fit in your pocket.

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