Last Year’s Starfighters Are Today’s News

Here are a pair of LEGO starfighters I made last year.

AMMX-1 "Pickerel"

These are both Vic Vipers, a popular design loosely based on the player ship from a classic video game. Vic Vipers are characterized by two forward prongs, two rear wings, and a single vertical tail fin. I’m not quite sure why they’re so popular in the LEGO-verse, but I think part of the reason is that the template provides a creative constraint, like painting with a limited palette or engineering on a budget.

AMMX-2 "Rooster"

Another creative constraint I like to employ when building models is to use pieces from only one or two sets. It helps you learn to see each piece as an elemental shape instead of a specific type of part with a fixed function. Draw what you see, not just a symbol for what you think you see.

Also, strive to rationalize your most indulgent hobby as a valuable exercise in mental elasticity.

Anyway, both ships were built in time for the annual “NoVVember” challenge. The second ship was built as a subtle but specific tribute to nnenn (Nate Nielson), a prolific and respected builder who died unexpectedly last year. The ship incorporates two instances of the funny quasi-part Nate used as his recognizable icon.

So what sort of creative constraints do you work with, intentionally or otherwise? Can a cage become a scaffolding?

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One Response to “Last Year’s Starfighters Are Today’s News”

Posted by DDD on Friday, February 4th, 2011 at 9:06 PM.

Can a cage become a scaffolding? That is a timely mid-Winter challenge. Thanks for the nudge.