Adjustable Stem

As reported earlier, here’s what my new adjustable stem looks like:

Avenir Adjustable Stem

Do not be fooled into thinking the rest of my bike looks so clean and factory-fresh.

The stock stem elevated the handlebars about 10 degrees above perpendicular to the steerer tube. This stem is the same length, but it can be adjusted to provide elevation up to 50 degrees above perpendicular, as shown here. Although this doesn’t move the handlebars a great distance, it does move them up and aft far enough to take a noticeable amount of weight off my arms. I’ve found discomfort from the forward posture to be the limiting factor in my ability to enjoy longer rides (20 miles or more). If I’ve planned my modifications correctly, this stem will facilitate a slightly more upright but much more sustainable posture.

Initial tests around the neighborhood indicate it rides well indeed. One minor change in geometry almost makes the bike feel like a cruiser, without sacrificing any advantages.

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