Topographic Course Map Models

2015 Virgil Crest Ultras Trophies and Course Diorama:

Photo Sep 18, 3 42 11 PM

For the 2015 Virgil Crest Ultramarathons presented by Red Newt Racing, I designed and 3D printed a set of trophies depicting the course and the hilly terrain it traverses. I also produced a tabletop diorama depicting the course, landscape, and aid station locations in greater detail.


Souvenir Trophies

Prints of the trophy model are available on Etsy for $35.


Order a trophy commemorating your Virgil Crest experience today!

Info Sheets (PDF):

trophy-flier diorama-flier

Technical Details

The section will be updated soon with more information about the process used to create these models. Topics will include data sources, software tools, and desktop 3D printing techniques.

Design Services

Are you a race director interested in obtaining similar models for your event? I offer GIS, 3D design, and 3D printing for events and locations. This section will be expanded with details on available services and pricing. For now, please email inquiries to me (Jim DeVona).