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GraphicConverter Information Window

Currently, GraphicConverter’s image “Information” window is only visible when GraphicConverter is in the foreground. It is difficult to consult this information when working in another application.

As an interim solution, this AppleScript displays a subset of that information in a Growl notification window (or in an alert, if Growl is not installed). The notification window remains visible in all applications until you dismiss it with a click.

GraphicConverter Global Info Notification Window

Download Global Image Info Script (5k)

Put the script in ~/Library/Application Support/GraphicConverter/Scripts/ (for GraphicConverter’s script menu) or ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/GraphicConverter/ (for FastScripts or the standard script menu). Select the “Global Image Info” item from the corresponding menu to display the information for the frontmost image.

Posted on Saturday, May 5th, 2007.