Kindle 3 Battery Replacement

Twelve years ago I replaced the damaged screen of my 2010-era Kindle 3. I don’t use it frequently, but every so often I dig it out. A few weeks ago I brought it on a weekend trip, and the normally-inexhaustible battery ran down over the course of a few days. So, I replaced it.

For a device with a rechargeable battery, fourteen years – with many long periods of dormancy — is a pretty good battery lifespan. Of course, it is utterly ridiculous for a book to run out of batteries at all, but that’s a separate discussion.

As others have noted, iFixIt’s guide for this battery replacement starts with a poorly-phrased step that advises you to begin prying the cover off at single most vulnerable point. So if you happen to find this post while preparing to replace your Kindle Keyboard battery, read past the first few lines of the guide before you start shoving your spudger into the seam.


Posted on Sunday, April 21st, 2024.