Abbreviated Action Update


Training continues. I’ve been at 35+ miles a week for two weeks now, and I’ve got a time trial on the track scheduled for this afternoon. Not sure exactly what we’ll be doing, but it will be interesting (and probably humbling) to put some numbers on my performance. Whether I stay at this mileage or bump it up again may depend on the time trial results too.

I recently read Once a Runner, a novel by John L. Parker, Jr. on loan from a friend. As promised, it delivers some amusing and inspiring passages about the experience of running: that peculiar mix of exertion, exhaustion, and exhilaration.


200 miles on the odometer

The new bike has been working great – I’ve been riding it exclusively since I finished putting it together. I tweaked the seat height and handlebar angle a few times, and now it’s set up quite nicely.

The only mechanical problem I’ve experienced is throwing the chain off the front derailleur, the risk of which can be minimized be adjusting the derailleur set screws. Right now, the derailleur moves over a larger range than is necessary to switch chainrings.

The bike is fast and I really like the brake setup.

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