I painted my laptop keyboard

MacBook with Painted Keyboard

I like it! It’s like operating a computer console from an eighties cartoon.

Reinstalling Keys

I am now intimately familiar with the assembly and installation of the delicate plastic scissor switches that give the MacBook keyboard its delightful clicky feel. Actually, the scissor pieces are surprisingly sturdy. There are five scissor types: large keys (spacebar, shift, etc.), medium keys (control, option, etc.), normal keys (numbers and letters), function keys, and arrow keys.

Tray of Keys

Keys in the paint shop

I’d wanted to repaint my keyboard for some time, but was only inspired to act after reading Josh Carter’s keyboard painting guide, even though there’s not much similarity between his keyboard and mine. I used cheap model paint instead of the Krylon Fusion paint Josh recommends, so we’ll see how long it lasts.

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