Paginated Readability

Today Arc90 announced an update to Readability that delivers a multi-page article collation feature similar to what’s found in Safari Reader:

Now, when you click on Readability while viewing an article that spans multiple pages, it will show a readable view of the entire article. We’ve found this update to work effectively on nearly all popular sites.

Happily, since McReadability just provides a layout for content cleaned by the standard Readability code, users of my multi-column version of the bookmarklet will automatically see this feature. I’ve only tested it with one or two articles, but it appears to work as advertised. Nice!

Thanks to Chris Dary of Arc90 for suggesting some CSS tweaks to bring McReadability in line with the current state of the standard Readability stylesheet. I haven’t integrated these changes (which deal mainly with the format of the page break markers), but will do so if any McReadability users request it or report related problems.

Posted on Monday, August 2nd, 2010. Tags: , .