Bill Atkinson

Bill Atkinson

Here’s what I wrote on Flickr to explain this picture:

The source code for MacPaint and the QuickDraw graphics library is now available, as is their story, at theĀ Computer History Museum. To celebrate this news, and to illustrate that great tools retain their utility even as they age, I used MacPaint to paint a portrait of MacPaint programmer Bill Atkinson.

Gruber posted a link to this image yesterday. It’s been viewed over 20000 times in the day since.

Check out Bill’s website for his photography and iOS PhotoCard app.

Prompted by some of the comments on Flickr, I posted some other nostalgic Mac Plus software pictures.

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One Response to “Bill Atkinson”

Posted by DDD on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 at 9:45 PM.

I think 20K eclipses all previous one-day viewings for a DeVona drawing.