Torchlight Screenshots

Steam is is like an iTunes Store for computer games. It was recently released for the Mac, and Torchlight was among the first “Steam powered” Mac games available. It’s a dungeon-crawling action RPG reminiscent of Diablo – and that’s a good thing. I have to admit I’ve been playing it quite a bit since buying it as an early birthday present for myself. (I’m also pleased to report that, unlike many other modern games, it runs well on my first-generation MacBook, at least with the “Netbook Mode” setting enabled.)

Torchlight provides a built-in screenshot function to save snapshots of your adventures. The keyboard command is Shift-F9. The screenshots are supposed to be saved in ~/Library/Application Support/runic games/torchlight/screenshots/. However, presently they are written to the torchlight folder with a filename like screenshots\05222010_081129195.png. If you look in ~/Library/Application Support/runic games/torchlight/local_settings.txt, you’ll see that the SCREENSHOT PATH variable includes a backslash, so the path gets misinterpreted as part of the filename on Mac OS X. Fix it to read as follows and your screenshots will be filed appropriately:

SCREENSHOT PATH :screenshots/

I’m sure that was bugging you.

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