Reviews in Rhyme: Podcast Fiction Edition

Continuing the theme fromĀ yesterday’s book reviews, here are limericks about some short stories I listened to today. (Spoiler warning!)

Another End Of The Empire by Tim Pratt (via PodCastle 88)

The dark lord ruled the land with no ruth,
but his doom was to lose it to youth.
To escape prophesy,
he ruled graciously,
and in peace came the oracle’s truth.

Sometimes audio narrations make me cringe (especially when men attempt to deliver female dialogue in falsetto), but Cheyenne Wright’s reading of this story was great fun.

The Last Great Clown Hunt by Chris Furst (via Drabblecast 148)

On the Plains roam the tribes of the clowns,
the Bozos who were banished from towns.
A clown hunter-cum-cop
who’s tasked to the big top
meets his brother, the chief, which confounds.

I don’t like clowns, but I love the “native” clown names in this story, such as Runs With Scissors. Hilarious sound effects complement the somber telling of this tale.

The Cat Who Walked A Thousand Miles by Kij Johnson (via Story Podcast 6)

In Japan lived a cat who was small
with her aunts by a gardened old hall,
but the earth shook and turned
and the garden was burned
so the cat ran away from it all.

The encounter with the monk at the end of this story nearly brought a tear to my eye. (Actually, it seems the narration was abridged, so the story continues after that scene. Fortunately, the beautifully-illustratedĀ full text is available in a variety of formats.)

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