Recent Books in Rhyme: Fiction Edition

Here is a list of novels I’ve recently read, inspired by a similar list my dad posted earlier this month.

I didn’t feel up to the task of writing accurate synopses or insightful reviews, so instead I wrote limericks.

Sundiver by David Brin

E.T. smarts don’t evolve on their own;
they’re doled out to new Clients on loan.
But we humans are jerks
and we gum up the works
’cause we show you can go it alone.

Blindsight by Peter Watts

On the edge of deep space there awaits
thoughtless threat to the Earth and our fates –
so we sent some misfits,
in a ship well equipped,
for our heroes are all reprobates.

Ilium by Dan Simmons

The post-humans are gods up on Mars
who go Greek ‘stead of aiming for stars.
They enact Homer’s texts
– Helen has lots of sex –
and regret acts of key charactars.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

So this man and his son hit the road,
With a cart and some cans in the cold.
They struck out for the coast,
saw a cannibal roast,
and at last the man died as forebode.

Lamentation by Ken Scholes

A mechanical man cast a spell
and the city from which he hailed fell.
This pawn burdened with blame
for all lost to the flame
will rebuild it as others raise hell.

Hope you enjoyed that!

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