Graphicular Guessing Game

Find the matching scribbles. Play against the computer or a friend.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Scribbles is a game I wrote while I was learning vintage Mac OS GUI programming. It is a matching game where you have to pick the original picture from a set of six slightly altered versions. If you’re playing solo, the computer will generate the picture – but if you’re playing a two-player game, the players can take turns drawing pictures for each other using a couple of simple painting tools.

I used TransSkel (version 3.25) for much of Scribbles.


Scribbles requires a PPC processor and some version of the classic Mac OS.

About the Source: I wrote Scribbles using CodeWarrior Academic 96/97. However, the CodeWarrior project file has gone missing, so the code download contains only the C source and ResEdit resource file.