A simple juggling game with interchangeable graphics and music.

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As with real juggling, the object of the game is to avoid dropping any of the balls. If you drop a ball or move your hands out of rhythm, you lose (depending on the difficulty).

I used SpriteWorld, a nifty sprite animation library, to handle the animation.

Juggler II has relatively low system requirements. It was also the first game I released that supports 68k Macintoshes. PowerPC and 68k support are both native. Mac OS X support is limited to the Classic environment.


Juggler II requires system 7.1 or greater, 256 color capability, and QuickTime 2.1 or greater (for music). It will run on 68k or PPC Macs.

About the Juggler II Source: I made Juggler II with MPW (the Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop, an older programming environment from Apple). As such, the C source is accompanied by an MPW makefile. Please read the included Readme file for more details.

The “Original” Juggler

High Scores Preferences Gameplay

The original Juggler was written in METAL Basic.