Trample green ghosts

Dispel the ghosts by running them over!

Ghostrunner was the first Mac game I made. It has a very primitive interface and is not very robust… but it does involve trampling ghosts, so it can’t be all bad.


The game consists of moving your runner left and right in an attempt to “pass” ghosts. You get a point for each ghost you pass.

I used Ingemar Ragnemalm’s Sprite Animation Toolkit to handle Ghostrunner’s animation.


Ghostrunner requires a PPC processer and works best with System 7.

About the Source: Although Ghostrunner was written using CodeWarrior Academic 96/97, only the C source code has survived (the CodeWarrior project file is MIA, unfortunately). If you want to build it from scratch, you’ll have to reconstruct the resource file from the resource fork of the Ghostrunner program using ResEdit.