Vintage Chipmunk Basic Examples

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Very simple Chipmunk Basic examples

These programs are of 1996 or 1997 vintage. They’re more like tests or simple demos than actual programs. I doubt they are very useful but here they are nevertheless.

For more Chipmunk Basic goodies look at my main Chipmunk Basic page or my cb-shpdraw page.

etchasketch screenshot


Draw with the arrows. The cursor starts out wherever the mouse is when you first press an arrow button.

aipainter window


What is it supposed to do? I don’t know. An artificial intelligence painter? OK. It draws random pixels and beeps a lot and has no clear exit strategy.

aipainter_2 window


So advanced it’s version 2! Whoa!

is this total 3d coolness or what?

Total 3D Coolness

Pistol-packing fun that leaves silly artifacts all over the window because it doesn’t erase everything it draws. Move the mouse around and click to make red dots. Cutting edge.

extruded squares bounce around


A square with a color of your choosing slides around a window. The pre-3c versions don’t make much sense.

ok, the file icon is your ship and the circle is your enemy


I believe this was supposed to be like Space Invaders. It falls a little short.

itsy bitsy spider


Move a spider around with your numeric keypad. Very simple.

Only a program as cool as Chipmunk Basic would have a built-in spider icon (sprite #135). Why not?

man this one is dumb


Click in a tiny window to paint single pixels at a time. I can think of more entertaining things to do.