McCalibre: Multi-Column Stylesheet for the Calibre Ebook Viewer

I use Calibre primarily to organize ebook files and send them to my Kindle, but it also includes a serviceable ebook viewer for reading books on the computer. Like most ebook renderers, the viewer is based on a web browser. The user can even specify their own stylesheet to customize exactly how the text is displayed.

I created a stylesheet which displays the text in multiple columns, like McReadability. I dub it McCalibre. I posted the code and a more thorough description on the Calibre forums. As noted in the forum post, it only works with the viewer’s “flow” mode, not the “paged” mode. Here’s what it looks like:

Multi-column stylesheet for Calibre ebook viewer screenshot

I’ve also posted the code at GitHub, where I will upload any worthwhile revisions.

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