Resize Pages Graphics by Percent

Conspicuously missing from Pages is the ability to resize graphic objects by specific percents. You can say “make this graphic 2 inches wide,” but you can’t say “make this graphic 30% of its current width.” So, I wrote a script to do the dirty work for me:

Resize Graphic by Percent dialog

It resizes the selected graphics by the specified percentage.


The “Recenter” version keeps the graphic centered at its original location, which I have found to be rather annoying. Install in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Pages/ and invoke with a script runner of your choice.


Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a scriptable way to determine whether the “Constrain proportions” options is set for a particular graphic. Since this option affects size changes, I simply make the assumption that it is set. It is, by default, for inserted images. For other graphics, check the “Metrics” inspector pane:

Required Constrain proportions setting

Note that images are not necessarily inserted at their original size. If you want to resize an image to some percentage of its actual size, be sure to click the “Original Size” button before resizing.

This script was written with Pages’ page layout mode in mind, but it should work with graphics in word processing mode, too. There are some rough edges, particularly where handling different sorts of selections is concerned.

Here is a video demonstration.

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