Backdate Yojimbo Import

When you use this script to import files into Yojimbo, the imported items are automatically assigned the creation and modification dates of the original file (Yojimbo normally records the date of import as the creation date for imported items). Now you can easily preserve the chronological relationship between imported files.

This script is based on the similar Backdate Yojimbo Items script I wrote a few days ago, which is better for isolated corrections than bulk backdating. The same warnings about unsupported database manipulations apply.

Download Script: (13k)

Download Droplet: (35k)

Both versions work exactly the same, except that you can drag files (or folders) onto the droplet icon to import them (or their contents). The droplet appears in the Dock when invoked, whereas the script version runs transparently. A good place to install the script is ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Yojimbo/.

When you invoke the script, a file chooser will appear. You can select multiple files to import by Shift- or Command-clicking. (If you would rather select folders, look at the code. It is a trivial change.) The backdated timestamps will not appear in Yojimbo until you restart the application.

Posted on Wednesday, May 9th, 2007. Tags: , , .