Breakin’ the Law

So I step outside a few minutes ago to get some snacks at the convenience store. I notice two Binghamton city police cars conferring at the intersection of my street; one pulls away, down Vestal Ave. As I step to the curb towards my truck, the other guns it and starts spinning his wheels down my street in the new-fallen snow. The car stops abruptly, presumably as I am noticed, and I smirk. Busted! I make a “what gives?” gesture (my best indignant citizen affectation), and observe as the officer in the passenger seat attempts to look occupied. After a moment I imagine to be prolonged by guilt and indecision, the car creeps down the street, turns around, and drives away.

Not that I have anything against horsing around in the snow, mind you. I just found the irony of the situation amusing.

Posted on Friday, February 2nd, 2007.